Hello World.

"I help people who are willing to rigorously challenge what they know go from feeling resigned about societal problems, to understanding that there is a root cause behind our system's dysfunctional design which can be debugged." 

- Rand Strauss, Former NASA Engineer

"We're all stories in
the end"*

I’m Rand Strauss, a Stanford-educated expert problem solver and the founder of PeopleCount, the realistic solution for addressing the root cause of the systemic dysfunction in America's political system.


I stand for the possibility of breakthroughs in the largest problems of humanity, and workable, deliverable solutions within a decade.


From my first job, building the world’s first 3D-stereo arcade gaming system to my last job at NASA, approximating flight dynamics to ensure safety in a traffic management system for flying robots, it is not hyperbole when I humbly admit that engineering into existence solutions which have never been seen before has literally been my life's work.  


So yes, fact is, I've spent my career working behind the scenes to bring rigorous problem-solving to complex systems.




Fact is, America’s political system no longer works.


With all due respect, is it such an impossible feat to believe that someone with my background *just* might be onto something here? :-)


The Root Cause . . .


I started this journey in 2011 because I wanted to be a responsible citizen and I realized politics wasn’t working. Little did I know that my standard "let's just see" root cause analysis exercise would take me down this proverbial rabbit hole!


In the past 11 years, I’ve been able to articulate the root cause, design a solution, and begin to build it.


From PeopleCount, you can expect to learn how to:


  • Vastly lessen the power of money in politics

  • End most of the party divisiveness

  • End the two-party duopoly

  • Make elections more competitive

  • Empower voters to be better informed, allowing to them to escape their information bubbles

  • End Congressional gridlock

  • Discover new solutions for societal problems


At the same time, I cannot bring PeopleCount into existence alone.


I need your help. 

Will you step up?

 * ". . . just make it a good one, eh?" - The Doctor